COVID-19 patient/family/facility refuses visits due to COVID-19

COVID-19 Careficient Update for Home Health: If patient/family/facility refuses visits due to COVID-19, you can put the patient On Hold per patients request. We have added a Patient Note Type under the Notes Tab in the Patient Encounter titled COVID-19 Hold where you should document the date the patient went on hold and a Note Type titled COVID-19 Off Hold where you can document the date the patient returned to Home Health Services. This way you will be able to run a report of all patients that’s HH care was impacted by the pandemic. Home Health: You can add COVID-19 Precautions as a homebound status under Additional Homebound Information. You can also submit a support ticket if you want us to add it as an option under the Homebound Status. Home Health & Hospice: We have added a patient form that is accessed under DOCS tab on the Patient Encounter titled Coronavirus Screening Questionnaire (Patient) and one under the DOCS tab on the Associate file titled Coronavirus Screening Questionnaire (Employee). Hospice: The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MEDPAC) has recommended to Congress that 2021 per diem payments for hospice remain unchanged and that the aggregate payment cap be reduced to 20%. We will continue to follow this and let you know if it is approved. Hospice: Reminder- If patient/family/facility refuses hospice visits the patient can remain on hospice if they have a minimum of a RN visit every 14 days.

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