Home Health Software for Small and Startup Agencies

Whether you’re just starting your agency—or you already have multiple locations—Igea is the perfect solution to drive your business forward. Igea streamlines every aspect of home healthcare delivery, from patient intake, care planning, and scheduling through mobile point of care for clinicians in the field, billing, payroll, and financial analysis. Count on Igea to be with you every step of the way, easily scaling as you expand your business.

All-in-One Software

Igea’s all-in-one software provides everything you need to efficiently deliver care and run your business, with powerful capabilities right at your fingertips, accessible from anywhere. We also make it easy for on-the-go caregivers to communicate with you, with other clinicians, and with insurers.

Effective and Efficient

Igea effectively streamlines all the intricate processes healthcare delivery requires—from intake through scheduling and care delivery to billing and financial analysis. Expand your business when the time is right while bringing down costs with a sustainable business model.

Supports Multiple Business Lines

We simplify the ever-changing healthcare landscape with an intuitive interface that helps you manage across multiple business lines, including skilled care, private duty, and more. Your patients get top-notch care.

Focus on Delivering Care

Igea alerts you to inaccurate or incomplete claims before you submit them. Claims processing, billing, and collection has never been easier.

Igea at-a-glance

Our all-in-one home health software delivers all of these features—and more—to support your clinical, operational, and financial needs.

Point of Care
  • Igea’s iPOC® Offline offers immediate access to critical clinician forms
  • Access critical forms such as Oasis and 485—even when you are not connected to the Internet
  • Seamlessly alternate between iPOC Offline and iPOC® Online based on your
    Internet connection
Eligibility Check
  • With unlimited eligibility checks, you always have access to the data you need—wherever you need it
  • Easily find deductible amounts remaining for the year, as well as Managed Care Organization information
  • Eliminate errors that can delay claim submission or payment
Electronic Billing
  • Electronic billing features manage your claims process, accommodating multiple payers as well as tiered processing
  • Igea decreases paperwork, flags errors, and simplifies claims tracking
  • You’ll cut costs by eliminating manual processes and improve your cash flow by getting paid faster

  • Physician Portal is an easy way to communicate and sign documents electronically
  • Securely work with patient information anywhere you have Internet access
  • Streamline the workflow of orders management and capture patient signatures at the point of care
Electronic Medical Records
  • Consult patient records at every decision point and update those records in real-time
  • Share records securely and confidentially
  • Keep all collaborators—including caregivers, agency personnel, providers and payers
Telephony Solution
  • Clinicians use the client’s telephone to verify the location of the home care visit and quickly submit vital information, including date, time in and time out
  • Clinicians also have visibility into upcoming schedules and even helpful reminders, including delay alerts
  • Gain deep visibility into the quality of care across numerous data points including visit duration, adherence to care plan and timeliness

  • iMail is a secure, HIPAA compliant email capability that clinicians in the field use to stay in touch with your office
  • Makes it’s easy to add pictures and attachments, tag messages identifying priority and topics, and capture patient signatures at the point of care
  • Automatically adds emails topatient records
Electronic Visit Verification
  • iVerify® EVV allows clinicians to log data even if they don’t have a smart phone, Internet connection, or access to the client’s telephone
  • Clinicians can quickly see the care plan and easily submit vital information
  • Receive immediate notification of delayed visits to address issues in real-time and minimize the potential for fraud
Form Designer
  • Eliminate paper forms with our robust library of electronic forms
  • Easily modify forms—or create new ones—with easy-to-use drag and drop tools that let you add text boxes, drop-down lists, multiple-choice options and more
  • Include dates, memo boxes, and questions required for compliance to get paid faster

The Power of Igea

  • Access everything you need in a single, cloud-based solution
  • Manage single or multiple locations
  • Easily scale operations as you grow
  • Add new business lines "on the fly"
  • Get paid faster

Igea by the numbers

  • 435000+
    Patients Served
  • 8500+
    Caregivers Providing Care
  • 1000+
    Office Locations Served
  • 26MM
    Visits Managed

We have a robust set of partners to extend your investment

  • Availity
  • Microsoft
  • Office Ally
  • Palmetto GBA
  • NGS NGSMedicare.com
  • Pinnacle
  • Emdeon
  • Zirmed
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