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Courageous Conversations: De-prescribing Medications to Ensure Patients ‘Die a Good Death’
Master Class

Adjusting a hospice patient’s medication list can be a sensitive topic to broach with patients and their families or caregivers.

Many patients have taken medications for a long time or have received advice on the benefits of the medication(s) from their primary care provider or local pharmacist. As some are still grappling with the reality of their hospice diagnosis, discussions about discontinuing medications might be misconstrued as the hospice agency attempting to cut costs or abandoning their care.

This Master Class will look at practical strategies and considerations for discontinuing medications that are no longer beneficial, necessary, potentially harmful, or appropriate at the end of life. Hospice care teams will learn:

  • How to frame the de-prescribing conversation
  • Determine who is eligible or agreeable
  • The systematic and complex process of de-prescribing
  • The importance of reducing polypharmacy
  • Specific approaches to de-prescribing medications
  • Duration of therapy
  • Risk versus benefits
  • Q&A

Featuring Guest Speaker:

Jared Stong, PharmD & Founder BetterRX