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Healthcare Consulting Services

“When peace of mind, quality, time, money, and resources matter most.”

Are you facing an ADR, TPE, or UPIC? Need expert assistance with chart audits? Looking for specialized training or a mock survey to prepare for your next inspection? Struggling with limited resources and need the right tools to succeed?

Our initial consulting services will include:

Chart Audits (One-Time or Ongoing)

Ensure compliance and accuracy with our comprehensive chart audit services. We provide detailed reviews to identify and correct any discrepancies, ensuring your documentation meets all regulatory standards.

ADRs and Other State and Government Audits

Navigate the complexities of ADRs and other audits with confidence. Our expert team will assist you in compiling and submitting accurate documentation, reducing the risk of denials and penalties.

Mock Surveys

Prepare your organization for real inspections with our in-depth mock surveys. We simulate the actual survey process to identify areas of improvement, ensuring you meet all regulatory requirements with confidence.

Annual and One-Time Education and Training Sessions

Empower your staff with tailored education and training sessions. Whether it’s on Careficient EMR or specific focus areas, our programs are designed to enhance your team’s skills and knowledge.

Home Health Value-Based Care

Optimize your operations with our value-based care consulting services. We provide strategies and tools to help you improve patient outcomes and achieve financial success in the value-based care model.

Additional Services

  • Quality Assessment Performance Improvement Program (QAPI): Enhance your quality initiatives with tailored strategies to drive better patient outcomes and operational efficiency.
  • Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE): Receive specialized guidance on responding to TPE reviews, helping you address identified issues and avoid potential penalties.
  • Special Focus Program (SFP) Preparation: Meet the necessary standards with our in-depth assessments and action plans to ensure compliance and improve overall performance.
  • Plans of Correction (POC): Develop and implement effective Plans of Correction with our expert assistance, ensuring your facility remains compliant with regulatory standards.
  • Medical Record Review for Clinical and Billing Compliance: Safeguard your organization against audits and penalties with thorough reviews to identify and correct documentation discrepancies.
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