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Key Benefits

Spend more time caring for patients and running your business and less time on manual time consuming tasks. 

Features: Features
  1. Get paid faster

  2. Scale to any agency size

  3. Learn & onboard faster

  4. More productive time

  5. Eliminate redundancies

  6. Lower labor costs

  7. More efficient processes

  8. Streamlined workflows

Streamlined invoicing and A/R
We accelerate reimbursement by making sure your data is clean, you bill at all the appropriate times and meet all essential deadlines. Claims may be submitted via EDI, Electronic Remittances (ERA) are automatically picked up and cash applied directly to the Patients Invoices.

Supports Default and Custom Clinical Forms
Makes it easy to stay compliant. Physician orders, Plan of Care, Face to Face, Interim Orders automatically faxed to physician. Supports standard and customized electronic clinical forms.

Integrated Drug Database
Medication profiles and drug interactions.

Customized payer settings
to ensure you meet the requirements for all major payers and offer full customization for others.

Reduced labor costs, claim rejections and denials
We automate your manual processes. Cleaner data flow means cleaner billing.

For Home Health

OASIS entry and scrubber and submission for Home Health Agencies
All necessary forms are fully integrated with the system and are automatically generated and sent to the state for you. Detailed Analysis may be executed on the OASIS form to insure maximum payment


Designed and built in the cloud

Careficient was designed from the ground up to run on a HIPAA compliant server allowing safe secure access.


Built in Automated Work basket

Facilitates communication, ends delays, reduces costs and decreases errors. Manage employees, payroll, scheduling, patients, doctor s orders, interim orders, OASIS forms, accounts receivable, invoicing, and payers.


Integrated eligibility verification

Stop using additional tools. Careficient verification fits seamlessly into your workflow process.


For Hospice and Palliative Care

HIS management, Transmission, and validation report retrieval for Hospice Agencies
Bereavement Notification Capability
Automated Notice of Elections (NOE) processing


Complete workflow management

Our events-driven workflow takes you through all the necessary actions in the most efficient way possible. We make sure all compliance issues are met and all required documentation is filled out.


Interface with Payroll, CAHPS and CRM vendors

Automatically creates interface data feed to your external vendors such as CAHPS, payroll and CRM vendors.

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