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Careficient Partners with Home Health Notify
Revolutionizing Home Health by Integrating EMR & Communications Technology

Stuart, FL November 28, 2023 / Careficient Inc., a leading provider of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions, today announced a partnership with Home Health Notify, a leading communications technology provider based in Farmington Hills, MI. The goal of the collaboration is to leverage the strengths of both companies, bringing together their expertise to offer mutual customers a seamless experience by improving efficiency and workflows for home health and hospice agencies.

The partnership will integrate the best of the EMR world with the best of the communication technology world and aims to eliminate redundancies and revolutionize the way communication, documentation, and coordination are traditionally handled.

Home Health Notify CEO, Salim Bhinderwala stated, “Our goal is to keep patients out of the hospital. Having run a home health agency for 18 years, we have a first-hand understanding of the challenges of managing patients who are at a significantly higher acuity. To keep these high-risk patients out of the hospital, home must subscribe to real-time care delivery, coordination and documentation. We believe our partnership with Careficient with revolutionize the home health industry in this new value-based world of home health.”

Revolutionizing Home Health

By streamlining communication, documentation, and coordination processes, the partnership will provide a more effective and integrated healthcare ecosystem to our clients, leading to better patient care and a reduction in readmissions and hospitalizations.

“Home based care industry is going through some challenging times. On one side we must keep up with newer value-based care programs like HHVBP (Home Health Value Based Purchasing) and on the other side, we have to deal with reducing reimbursements rates, cuts from Medicare and other advantage plans. It is significantly important that home health and hospice leverage technology partners that will provide the patients with the best clinical outcomes and patient experiences. Technology partners have to play the role of the perfect “sidekick” to our heroes in the field while being user friendly, keeping the budget in mind”, added Bhinderwala.

“We are dedicated to innovation in technology”, remarked Brad Caldwell, President of Careficient. “An integration with Home Health Notify will reduce the duplication of work our respective customers and we can continue to deliver value.”

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About Careficient

Careficient is a CHAP & ACHC certified EMR software solution for home health, hospice and home care developed to create agency-wide efficiencies across operations. Careficient helps agencies streamline processes and accelerate growth with compliance-first solutions that seamlessly scale to any size business.

About Home Health Notify

Home Health Notify is leader in communication technology providing a real-time HIPAA compliant communication platform, created by a home health agency, designed specifically for home health agencies. Keeping communication in real-time, leads to real-time care, which leads to better outcomes. It’s not just a tool for communication, it’s a tool for preventing hospitalization. For more information, visit

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Home based care industry is going through some challenging times.