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Careficient Announces Expansion of RCM Services to Home Health and Hospice Agencies
Scaling Operations with a Team of RCM Experts

Jensen Beach, Florida May 25, 2022 / – Careficient announced the expansion of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services to new and existing customers in the US using Careficient’s EMR platform.

The offering was driven by overwhelming demand and was designed to help clients reduce operational expenses and expedite reimbursements from federal and state level programs. Careficient’s EMR application prioritizes compliance to ensure regulatory requirements are met, workflows are efficient, and billing is accurate. The service is ideal for small and large agencies that lack the in-house billing expertise, for agencies that need to scale rapidly, or for agencies that have a variable census where the need for full-time resources fluctuates throughout the year.

Customers have already realized the tangible benefits of Careficient’s RCM service. “With a team of RCM experts on-hand, Careficient helped us grow the agency without having to take on additional staff. We were able to streamline our entire billing process and dramatically reduce outstanding receivables to get reimbursed faster and maximize our cash flow”, asserted Shelly Long, Co-founder of Acute Nursing Care.

“We are dedicated to the growth and success of our customers and there is no one who knows our system better than we do”, remarked Brad Caldwell, Careficient COO. “In the last 6 months we have doubled our RCM staff to meet the increasing demand for services and have tripled our revenue this year.” Caldwell added.

Careficient RCM services offer the flexibility and expertise that agencies have been demanding for both short and long-term engagements.

Careficient provides EMR solutions and services for home health, hospice and home care agencies to accelerate business growth and create operational efficiencies with an integrated approach to agency management.