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Careficient Launches Industry Leading Surveyor Portal to Expedite the Survey Process
Surveyor Readiness & Compliance Made Easy

Jensen Beach, Florida June 2, 2022/ – Careficient Inc. today announced the launch of the Surveyor Portal intended to help home health care agencies prepare for and expedite the survey process using one simple login. Surveying organizations are given a secure login to the Careficient platform which provides direct access to active patient records within the scope of the review. Surveyors can in turn review the selected records to ensure that standards of care are being met in accordance with CoPs (Conditions of Participation) policies and procedures.

“Our goal is to make the survey process quick and painless for our customers so agencies are in a state of readiness when a survey is scheduled. We take a compliance-first approach to everything we do and embed processes that are aligned with regulatory rules to safeguard against possible citations. Careficient clients can rest easy knowing they are always prepared.” commented Careficient COO, Brad Caldwell.

Careficient simplifies the survey process

“The launch of the Surveyor Portal demonstrates our commitment to being a regulatory driven organization that delivers solutions that are in the best interest of our customers,” remarked Kristie Meers, Careficient VP Clinical & Regulatory. The portal also eliminates the need to have agency staff and resources absorbed by the surveying process.” Meers added.

Our customers have already seen the benefits of using the Surveyor portal.

“We set security and permissions so surveyors can login directly into our EMR and access only the records that are under review – it’s a win-win for all involved. The staff no longer spends hours printing documents and compiling records and the survey moves along quickly so we maximize our productivity and minimize our costs.” stated Bev Kimzey Co-owner of Sacred Heart.