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Careficient Releases Advanced e-Faxing Capabilities as an Add-on to the Core Suite of EMR Solutions
Streamlining Document Workflows

Jensen Beach, Florida, June 15, 2022/ has officially released advanced e-faxing capabilities to deliver an efficient way to manage the document management process for all incoming and outgoing faxes. The e-faxing module is an add-on to the core suite of Careficient EMR solutions that will benefit new and existing customers.

The expansion of e-faxing capabilities includes bi-directional faxing, industry recognized Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to convert faxed documents to an accessible and traceable electronic version, as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technology that makes the whole document workflow around e-faxing faster, smarter, and more efficient.

“Our advanced e-faxing capabilities with AI technology will simplify the entire order management and billing process with accurate and legible documentation that will garner significant time-savings for agency staff,” submitted Brad Caldwell, Careficient COO.

The added functionality will allow agencies to review, print and organize all incoming faxes, automatically match and attach documents, keep signed orders to a patient’s medical record, download files, send orders to physicians for signature and send medication profiles to other care entities on Careficient’s secure EMR platform.

“The module was designed to improve productivity and efficiency, which has been a cornerstone of our organization from its inception. No more misplaced files or added real estate to support paper-based processes,” added Bill Creach, Careficient President & CEO.

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Brad Caldwell, COO

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